Art Classes

Community Learning

Topolski Century works on a variety of exciting special community projects. Our aim is to respond to local learning needs, involving the community at all levels to help people enjoy art and develop new skills.

Mind the Gap
In 2009 and 2010, in partnership with the Tricycle Theatre, Topolski Century delivered Mind the Gap, a participatory art and drama project culminating in a performance and exhibition. It reached 400 young people aged 12-16. A vast majority were unaccompanied minors living in the UK and not in mainstream education. Evaluation of the project showed that the young people had improved language, art and drama skills, self-confidence and social and group work skills. The project was the first time many had accessed the arts within education.

For more information about this project, please click here.

Black History Month
Topolski’ s depictions of the Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and the Black Panthers presented an opportunity to celebrate Black History Month in October 2010. Topolski Century explored the struggle for civil rights through a festival of interactive talks, special exhibitions, African dance and children’s art workshops. Over 150 people, predominantly from the local BME community, participated in the festival which one participant described as a “valuable and interesting learning experience…and fun!”

Exhibitions and Festivals
Topolski Century has supported both Polish art and championed young people’s creativity through staging many exhibitions and festivals by young and/or Polish artists in a variety of mediums from visual art to music, performance, video, photography and sculpture.

Sounds New
In 2009, Topolski Century worked with six young musicians as part of the Sounds New festival. The musicians composed a piece of music inspired by Topolski’s life and art. The music called “After Feliks” was performed in Canterbury Cathedral.