Chronicling History

Chronicling History KS2

Gallery session and optional (art) workshop

In this audio-visual session, students will learn about and compare the different sources of information they can use to find out about the past. In particular, they will consider art as a source of historical information by examining Topolski’s visual representation of the twentieth century in his broad-sheet Chronicles and huge paintings. Through exploring the maze-like murals and hands-on investigation, students will then use these sources to make discoveries about some of that century’s key events.

The optional workshop enables students to make choices about how to record life in the twenty-first century. Working in groups, students can opt to make a film, news bulletin, newspaper or their own mural OR they can choose among different artistic methods to make this workshop art based.

Curriculum links History; Art and Design; Citizenship

Duration 1 hour session including gallery visit plus optional workshop

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