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Feliks in the Memoir with Sketches

Feliks Topolski’s Chronicles, inspired by the broadsheets of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, provide crucial insight into the way the artist worked. Feliks had “a mania for drawing ‘in action’ (never redrawing)” and thus the images you see here arose from an abundance of on-the-spot sketches, hand-printed on rough brown “butcher” paper, using a printing press in his own studio.

The Chronicle came out twenty four times a year between 1953 and 1982 and the full collection contains over 2300 drawings. Each issue was devoted to a different subject depicting his interpretation of the many current affairs of the time. Throughout the years the Chronicles grew larger and ever more elaborate in scope, content and size.

It was distributed to 2000 subscribers around the world including museums, universities, libraries and private collections. The breadth and scope of the subject matter in the Chronicles show Topolski to be at the heart of a worldwide political, cultural and social network.

The Chronicles are in the process of being digitalized to enable greater accessibility so that the entirety of the Chronicles can be appreciated by a wider audience.