I think the Masterclasses have been a triumph. And I think having that range of input from all those establishments has just been invaluable, it’s been absolutely brilliant.




Previous Masterclasses have been led by acclaimed reportage artists Gary Embury, Rachel GannonAnne Howeson, Julia Midgley,  Chloé Regan, Lucinda Rogers and George Butler, broadcast journalist Professor Stewart Purvis and Feliks’s daughter, Teresa Topolski. Residents also receive ongoing personal mentoring.

Diverse subjects have been covered in the Masterclasses such as Mnemotechnics on the London Underground, Surveillance around the South Bank, Bicycle Repair Shops and East London Regeneration.

According to the external evaluation by UAL, ‘The Masterclasses and site drawing exercises were good in terms of creating a varied and thought provoking Programme of practical work that fostered a wide range of responses from the Residents. All Residents praised the quality of the teaching on the programme, rating it goodbridge or better throughout. The quality of the Masterclasses was good and appropriate for the level and the Monday drawing sessions and developmental/ planning sessions were judged to be excellent, offering appropriate levels of challenge, support and opportunities for development of existing (notably drawing from life) and new (presentation and workshop delivery) skills.’