“Coming from a background of relying on print shops and working in isolation I now feel confident enough to handle my own printing and self-publishing and look forward to the next opportunity I get to working collaboratively.”

“Events after the residency finished such as the exhibition in Bristol and being kept informed about upcoming Topolski Studio events such as life drawing and reportage drawing days has made me feel as though we still have a strong link to the programme and that we can contribute as fellows now that it has finished.”

“We had a lot of very positive feedback from businesses, traders, staff and customers. Everyone commented on the artists’ skill and I think it added a lot to our event.” – Manager, Lower Marsh Market

“Hanging and curating the show was a very suitable climax to the Residency.”

Printing and Exhibiting

The Residents work together to plan, edit and hand-print the Chronicle on Topolski Studio’s printing press and, at the end of their Residency, they curate an exhibition of their work.

Five hundred editions of the 2013 and 2014 Chronicle were distributed to people in the community, being widely available for free in the receptions of local educational, community and cultural venues. The Residents also had a stall at Lower Marsh Market in Lambeth where they engaged local people in drawing activities as part of the Big Draw and handed out the Chronicle.

‘The development of skills in collaborative working and seeing this come to fruition in the concrete form of the final printed Chronicle was also highly valued by all participants and they expressed interest in the potential network that being involved in the Residency implies for the future.’

At the end of the Residency, the young people curate an exhibition of their work. Previous exhibitions have been held at Vibe Gallery, Southwark, and at the Gallery at the University of the West of England in Bristol, as well as at Topolski Studio.

‘Overall the pilot should be viewed as a success – feedback from the participants was overwhelmingly positive, as was the feedback on the pop-up show at the Vibe bar and the exhibition at UWE.’