Big Draw Activities

Friday 3rd October 2014, 11am-4pm, Lower Marsh Market

Rubbish Drawings

Six young artists, part of Topolski Studio’s Chronicle Residency Programme, will be holding drop-by drawing activities in reportage drawing for members of the public at Lower Marsh Market on Friday 3rd October 11am-4pm. Drop by any time!

We invite you to drop by our stall and pick up a clip board and drawing tools to make continuous line drawings in the area that show how we have been successful or unsuccessful at dealing with rubbish.

As reportage artists, we want to show how reportage drawing can be used to illuminate important issues like waste and recycling in a stimulating and visually appealing way. As well as creating a visual message, drawing can allow you to study a subject in greater depth which can help to solve problems.

After drawing, we invite everyone to recycle their images by trading them at the stall or displaying them for others to see. We hope that we can create an illuminating dialogue through drawings and ideas.

Come along and make rubbish drawings!

Saturday 4th-Monday 6th October 10am-5pm and Tuesday 7th October 10am-3pm at Topolski Studio

Dot 2 Dot

Families are welcome to come along and enjoy some fun dot to dot and colouring activities to accompany Topolski Studio’s exhibition of reportage drawings. Have fun joining the dots to create a picture then find the drawing in the exhibition and colour it in. Topolski Studio’s Artists-in-Residence will be at hand to help out and inspire you to create drawings from cars and bikes to Chelsea Pensioners.

Record and Recall

Topolski Studio invites you to drop-by and take part in a short memory-based drawing activity to accompany our reportage drawing exhibition.As reportage drawing is an instantaneous process, artists must be able to rely on memory to document incidents that may happen too fast to draw in the moment.

We’d like to invite you to take part in a short drawing activity using your memory to produce a drawing of an event that has occurred, or a person you have met, or a place you have visited over the last 24 hours. By using your memory to recall this in order to document it, you can also include snippets of conversations, thoughts and feelings surrounding the subject of the drawing.

This activity is facilitated by the Artists-in-Residence at Topolski Studio, who are carrying on the legacy of artist Feliks Topolski by exhibiting drawings recording issues and events recorded in London this summer. Feliks Topolski had a notoriously good visual memory which enabled him to produce drawings after only a moment’s glance at a subject. On occasions when the event or subject of Topolski’s drawing would leave before he’d finished documenting it, he was able to rely on his memory to aid the completion of his image. It is this important skill of his which has inspired this activity.   

Reportage drawing can be quick, slow, expressive, figurative, colourful, linear etc. and in whatever drawing style you like. It’s not just about the accuracy of the draftsmanship but the documentation and communication of an event, person or place.