“It was very helpful, and also gave me more ideas to use in my own work” – pupil

“Really enjoyable, inspiring” – pupil

“Well run, informative, easy going atmosphere, thoroughly enjoyable” – teacher

“[I liked] interacting with young artists and feeling inspired to start drawing again” – older person


The unique perspective that reportage drawing offers on contemporary events helps to engage the community with what is going on in their locality – as co-producers and readers of the Chronicle and also, through involvement in our workshops, as chroniclers themselves.

The Residents are supported to design and deliver workshops to local people, sharing the skills they learn producing the Chronicle with them. In previous programmes, this has included local older people and sixth form pupils from Bishop Thomas Grant School in Lambeth.

The evaluation concluded that ‘some Residents found taking part in the delivery of workshops to other groups of learners inspiring; several mentioned teaching as a possible direction for their future and all expressed interest in working with the Topolski Chronicle Residency Programme in a mentoring or workshop delivery role in future.’

“The workshop we conducted with the sixth form students was a success by all the criteria we set out to achieve…The workshop feedback reports also showed that they would consider carrying out a self-initiated reportage project in the future. In addition to this some of the teachers from Bishop Thomas Grant School were present on the Vibe Gallery private view and informed us of how much the students had pushed themselves during the workshop.” – Resident