About Us

Topolski Studio is an arts educational organisation actively engaging with the legacy of artist Feliks Topolski and its continuing relevance to today. We are based in the first artist’s studio that Topolski established on the South Bank in 1953, where he hand-printed over 2,300 drawings as his broadsheet Chronicles, documenting key events and figures of the twentieth century.

Topolski Studio continues to produce and distribute a Chronicle by resident young artists who are not in employment, education or training, chronicling contemporary issues of the twenty-first century just as Topolski did of the twentieth. For more information on this programme, please click here.

As a working art and print studio, Topolski Studio is equipped with a lithographic printing press as well as an archive of Topolski’s Chronicles and original paintings from his monumental work of art, Topolski’s ‘Memoir of the Century’ or ‘Topolski Century’, the 600 foot series of paintings that presents an extraordinary panoramic record of the twentieth century. For more pictures and details about this artwork, please click here.